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ClearCorrect aligners are a dental therapy designed to gently shift teeth back into the correct position over time.

ClearCorrect consists of a series of dental appliances that are custom fit to your mouth. For information about ClearCorrect and what it can do for you, contact your dentist in Sioux Falls, SD.



ClearCorrect is a branded solution for teeth that are out of alignment. It’s not just one dental appliance, but a series of dental appliances. Each ClearCorrect appliance brings teeth closer to proper alignment in the mouth. Each ClearCorrect dental appliance is also custom fit and custom made, so that the patient is always sure to have a ClearCorrect appliance that is comfortable.


    ClearCorrect is designed to work in stages over time. When teeth are out of alignment, that means that they are essentially in the wrong position in the mouth. ClearCorrect brings teeth back into their correct position with gentle but consistent pressure. This gentle pressure stimulates certain activity within the teeth and gums, called osteoclastic and osteoblastic activities.

    Osteoclastic activity references the body’s process of breaking down bone in order to rebuild and strengthen the bone structure. The consistent force applied over time breaks down the structure of the jaw bone. Although this sounds like a bad thing, it’s actually a desirable process when referring to teeth alignment. This osteoclastic activity enables the teeth to slowly and gently shift position, which is what makes it possible for ClearCorrect to bring teeth back into proper alignment.

    From the beginning of treatment, osteoclastic activity takes between 48 and 72 hours to start. When the ClearCorrect dental appliance is in place, osteoclastic activity starts and continues while the appliance is worn. Note that if the appliance is removed, osteoclastic activity begins to slow, eventually stopping after just four hours.

    The second important piece of this puzzle is osteoblastic activity. Osteoblastic activity is the opposite of osteoclastic activity. In osteoblastic activity, the bone is built up again. This process takes much longer, usually six months or more. The building up of bone while the teeth are in their new position is what affixes the teeth in their new position. This is why after ClearCorrect dental treatment is finished, the teeth don’t revert back to their old position.


    ClearCorrect aligners offer many benefits for dental professionals and their patients. For one thing, each ClearCorrect aligner is custom-made to fit snugly but comfortably in the patient’s mouth. This ensures effective results that are carefully adjusted to match with the desired outcome. There is no “one size fits all” approach to ClearCorrect. Everyone has very unique needs when it comes to teeth aligners, and ClearCorrect meets those needs.

    Another big benefit of ClearCorrect is the fact that they are removable. The patient can remove ClearCorrect for dental hygiene every day. This means that at the end of treatment, there will be no hidden surprises such as dental decay. The patient can brush, floss and rinse as usual during treatment, which can last six months or more. If there is a certain event where the patient does not wish to wear the ClearCorrect dental appliance, it can be removed until the event is over, up to two hours later. More than that, and the osteoclastic activity starts to slow.

    ClearCorrect is also very comfortable. After a short adjustment period, most patients report that they hardly notice wearing the ClearCorrect aligner at all. Those who are wearing a ClearCorrect aligner can talk, eat, chew and drink without any disruption in their activities. In addition, there is no specific kind of food that is off-limits with ClearCorrect aligners, unlike traditional braces. This is because the aligner can be readily removed so that all food debris can be brushed and flossed away after eating.


    When you first visit your dentist to get ClearCorrect in Sioux Falls, SD, your dentist will make an impression of your teeth and gums. A ClearCorrect aligner will then be custom-made in a dental lab. You’ll be fitted with the aligner and given detailed instructions as to wearing and maintaining the aligner. When your teeth have adjusted into their new position, a new ClearCorrect aligner will be made for you, which will continue the movement into your teeth correct position. This process will continue until the desired outcome is reached. The entire process can take from about six months to a year.

ClearCorrect aligners are the “braces” of choice for patients of all ages. If you’d like to learn more about ClearCorrect and find out if this might be a suitable treatment option for your needs, contact your Sioux Falls dentist today to book your appointment.


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