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Dental implants, or more specifically, tooth implants, are dental treatments that may not only promote good oral health but also empower you.
Getting back a healthy smile is great, but preserving the bone in your jaw and preventing tooth loss is paramount.Your tooth decay and the simple absence of the missing tooth are enough to cause gum disease (Periodontal Disease) issues or your jawbone to retreat in some places. If you replace a single tooth with an artificial tooth, it is almost always your best course of action.
Dental implant surgery is the best type of care for your missing teeth, like a natural tooth, and you’ll be back to normal in what feels like no time.
Our advanced general dentists have the skill and experience to get you back to your original smile, or in some cases, improve upon the original.
Dental implant surgery is similar to dentures implant surgery, but often only involves one or a few teeth. This is an important oral periodontal surgery to consider for anyone who is missing a tooth.



First of all, a missing tooth can lead to gum disease (Periodontal Disease). How does a missing tooth lead to gum disease (Periodontal Disease)?
When a tooth falls out, it leaves a wound. With our mouths, and especially our gums being warm and moist places, bacteria can easily grow or find a home within them. So, if you’re missing a tooth or teeth, you’re at a much higher risk for developing gum disease (Periodontal Disease) issues. This is what makes dental implants so important.
Gum disease (Periodontal Disease) is an infection of the tissues and bones that surround and support the teeth. There are two types that exist.● Gingivitis – Affects the gums and soft tissue surrounding the teeth.● Periodontitis – Affects the gums and spreads into tissues and bone that support your teeth, is often less commonly discussed.
If left untreated, gum disease (Periodontal Disease) can require oral surgery. This can take the form of a gum graft, extraction of a tooth or teeth, or a flap procedure to clean the roots and repair bone damage.
This oral surgery often requires the use of additional medications sometimes before treatment and sometimes after treatment.
Dental implant surgery for a single tooth or multiple teeth can help prevent gum disease (Periodontal Disease) by closing the gap in your gum line and keeping dangerous bacteria away from your gums and jawbone. Keep your mouth looking and feeling healthy with dental implants.


    Because our teeth naturally sit so close to each other, there are often subtle pressures between them that mostly go unnoticed to us.

    If a tooth or teeth are missing, this can cause the rest of your teeth to shift over time. This shifting can cause a domino effect and cause teeth to become crooked. Not only do crooked teeth cause stress, anxiety, and loss of self-esteem, but they can also cause headaches and jaw pain requiring further treatment.

    Dental implant surgery can help prevent this from shifting by closing the space and replacing your previous tooth or teeth with dental implants created to the specifications of your mouth.


    As mentioned earlier on this page, the absence of a tooth or teeth can cause the jawbone to retreat in those areas.

    Jawbones require some sort of stimulation to maintain their shape, and your teeth provide that stimulation. The jawbone is somewhat like our muscles in that if we do not use it, we can lose it.

    Missing teeth from your jawbone causes it, and the gums, to retreat, which can change the shape of your face, and suddenly, when you look in the mirror, you may not be happy about what you see.

    Dental implants are the best solution for maintaining a healthy jawbone and, more importantly, you! Talk to us about whether tooth implant surgery is something you should consider.


    Dental implants not only help someone cosmetically, but they also provide an anchor for further bone growth in the mouth. The jawbone will actually retreat if there is no tooth for it to grow around and even the absence of a single tooth can be enough for this degeneration to begin. Therefore, it’s important to move as quickly as possible if you’re in need of dental implants or full dentures.

    Contact us to talk to our oral health experts and find out if this treatment is right for you. Regardless of whether you need a single tooth or full dentures, our dentists want to help.

    Oral health is not something to take lightly. If your teeth are missing or have significant rot, your appearance can begin to change. Unhealthy teeth, even if still present, can affect the way your jawbone grows and develops. Your mouth can literally change shape over time with poor oral health.

    Our periodontal surgeons and dentists are skilled experts with experience in these treatments. The procedure does have a cost, though you will find it varies greatly depending on the type of treatment you require and the options you choose. Whether you’re looking at a single tooth replaced, a few, or implanted dentures, our dentists can help.

    Our expert dentists and periodontal surgeons use high-quality materials and techniques to replace your teeth and place single dental implants, multiple dental implants, or implant dentures into the jawbone in their stead. To find out more about dental implants or dentures cost, contact us today. We’d love to discuss your teeth and how to get the smile you seek through dental implants.


    Modern dental implants and dentures deserve a lot more credit.
    In today’s world, a dental implant can be a clean, beautiful, custom-designed tooth, teeth, or dentures. The procedure is done with anesthetic, by a professional dentist or surgeon, in a sterile environment. The dental implants are designed to fit your mouth and guarantee an attractive smile.

    Dental implants and dentures can return your teeth back to the way they looked, or on the other hand, create a smile greater than you could have previously imagined. Dental implants also promote good oral health by preserving jawbone over time (by having an implanted prosthetic tooth). And as far as modern procedures go, you’ll find you have options (material, procedure, surgeon, the list goes on).


    The cost of dental implants or dentures, depending on how much work needs to be done, can add up. If you need a single tooth, multiple teeth, or full dentures, there are many options available to finance these procedures. The best route for anyone is through their insurance or benefits providers.

    Our dentists work diligently with insurance and benefits providers to ensure all parties are satisfied. These are major procedures for anyone going through them, but they are always worth it in the end. Having teeth you are proud of is an incomparable feeling, and maintaining a healthy jawbone is of utmost importance. Our teeth are what greet the world when we interact with others day-to-day.

    We make sure the insurance and benefits claim process is smooth and easy. We find all the best options through your coverage to make sure the final dental implants are something you’re proud of and your wallet doesn’t feel as if it has a hole in it now. Contact us to find out more about your coverage pertaining to dental implants.

    Our expert dentists and periodontal surgeons have worked for many years dealing with coverage providers, and our staff can help walk you through the process. At the end of the day, all that matters is you being happy with your dental implants and the way your teeth look.

Don’t Hesitate! If You’re Looking for Affordable Dental Implants, our Dentists Can Help! Contact our Oral Health Experts to Find out More About Dental Implants or Dentures Cost.

If your teeth have been a cause of stress, anxiety, shame, or any other negative feelings, we hear you. Whether or not you deserve to feel that way is not up for debate. Our dentists want everyone to feel confident about their smile, down to each tooth, and preserving the jawbone is incredibly important. Single dental implants, multiple dental implants, or full dentures – our dentists can help.

Our affordable dental implants and dentures are the best route to go when looking at all your options. If you’re interested in learning more about our affordable dental implants or full dentures, call us or contact us, today! Our friendly and professional staff can answer all your questions!


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